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What is a Vampire Facial and how does it Work?

For sure you have heard about the PRP treatment, or you just saw Kim Kardashian with it and wondered what that was in her Instagram photo.

Kim Kardashian

Well, there is an answer, pretty simple indeed about the whole thing of this procedure.

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich-Plasma, known as “Vampire Facial” too.

This therapy is used as a regenerative treatment using nothing but the patient’s blood to do it.

The components are autologous which means that the ingredients come from the patient’s body.

Maybe you know about it because lately a lot of celebrities use it sharing the results with their followers on social media.

This therapy is anti-aging but evidently is not like magic or something.

Platelet-Rich-Plasma is not that strong, I mean if there are wrinkles they are going to stay that way right in that place.

However, the treatment indeed can help to improve aging. But indeed, there is more to this procedure.

Is PRP Used to Treat Injuries?

Perhaps this takes a surprise, but the primary use for the PRP was to treat some injuries like the rotator cuff, quadriceps, shoulders, Achilles tendon injuries, and tennis elbow.

Essentially any tendon or ligament injury except complete tears may be treated with the PRP therapy.

Some doctors don’t use it because they think that isn’t work correctly to the successfully recover from the patient’s injury but it works.

“PRP treatment gained speed last January. It got a press that two of the Pittsburgh Steelers the Super Bowl. More and more patients started to ask about it,” says Dennis A.

Cardone a few years ago, doctor of osteopathic medicine at the New York University (N.Y.U.) Hospital for Joint Diseases.

Athletes proved this procedure and apparently worked for them.

However, plastic surgeons who practice this therapy, don’t like to practice the procedure in injuries, they prefer to do it for aesthetic purposes only, which is on hands and face mostly.

How does it Work?

A blood amount is taken from the patient, this blood, and spin in a centrifuge in a special machine which separates the platelets from the rest of the blood components.

The doctors only need this cells to apply them on the face or hands, or if the case in the injury area of the patient.

This technique can improve the wrinkles and the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Currently is most used for beauty purposes as an anti-aging treatment and rejuvenate the under-eye area too plus, it can help to give volume to some areas on the face.

This incredible treatment has used for years with remarkable results in every patient.

If you want to improve the look of your skin we recommend this procedure.

With small needles, the specialized doctor places the platelets obtained from the blood and injects them back in the treated areas with a unique technique that only professionals know.

This technique seeks to achieve amazing results in the patient in a way that works to improve the details that the patient does not like on his face.

But there is a problem, the PRP is not magical or anything similar, so you should expect realistic results with the procedure.

What is the Cost of PRP Treatment?

Many stars of television and movie industry have used the PRP and because of this many people believes that it is too expensive for them to pay for it.

However the technology has advanced too much, and many people have been trained nowadays to carry out this facial so that you can find it in many areas of the United States at affordable prices.

It also depends on the areas where you want to apply it.

If it is in any injury or if it is for beauty purposes, you need to establish the reason and the areas.

Once you pick the specific areas and everything, the doctor can generate a budget that fits your needs.

Why Are They Using PRP?


Plasma has rich properties that help tissue regeneration.

It is for this cells that they began to be used first, for injuries, but somehow the PRP made a leap to the methods for beauty and anti-aging treatments, and now it is used in the cosmetic field.

When we injure ourselves, one of the first repair cells that travel to the injury is platelets.

Platelets are abundant in many different growth factors. Actually, they use it to stimulate hair growth.

Plus, you must know that if you are using it for rejuvenation purposes, you are going to need more than one session to achieve better results.

In most cases, it requires applying it more than once.

Also, people combine PRP with dermal fillers to give extra boots to their faces, and I have to say that it works.

This combination can stimulate the production of collagen in the skin that improves the looks and gives volume to specific areas such as the cheekbones and lips.

Who can be a candidate?

Anyone can be a candidate for this, but it is advisable to go to a professional first.

Once you go to a consultation and establish what you are looking for, the specialists will focus on your needs and wishes; they will tell you if you are suitable for the procedure.

Scientists continue to investigate the plasma injections, so far they have not found anything that prevents someone from being a candidate.

Apparently, the patient needs to be healthy and in good shape.

I am not a doctor, I don’t have too much data to give you a right answer certainly, but if you have questions, I encourage to ask a professional in the field.

The good thing about it is that is autologous which means that it is elaborate it with the blood of the patient which make it a safe procedure. No one that I know has had side effects due to a PRP treatment, but again, you need to call to the professionals on this to receive guidance.

Do I Need Time to Recover?

No, this can be done in no time, about an hour from the take of the blood until they put it into the area.

You don’t need time to recover if is for beauty purposes. If is not, you need to follow your doctor instructions after the procedure.

In conclusion, you can have a very safe procedure in no time, with an affordable cost and excellent results.

Just do a little research before you take a decision and please, go to a place that looks fine, with certifications and professionals.

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