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Fashion Trends 2018: All You Need to Know About Beauty Trends for Next Year


Another year is about to end with all and the 2017 Fashion Trends, and maybe you don’t even realize this but is a fact.

It feels like every year is getting shorter, you know? Listen Time from Pink Floyd, and you will know what I mean.

I always have this existential feeling when a year is about to say goodbye. But here we are, facing reality with joy and emotion.

The party is coming, the time to be with our family and have dinner and fun will start soon, so to a lot of people is good to have an amazing outfit just to impress the family and maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend.

We pick our best clothes for the occasion having the best advice from social media and specialized magazines that shows us the latest fashion trends.

2017 it’s about to end but 2018 its coming up to surprise us, luckily we perhaps will have a lot more fun next year.

Everything is changing, just need to adapt to the new trends so you can be part of it.

Here we have an approach of them, and there are plenty of reasons to be excited about to leave 2017 behind.

Makeup Next Year Trends

Right now we have out there some makeup trends that answers to Fall/Winter 2017-2018.

Not all of them are pretty, in fact, some of them are kind of weird, extravagant and exotic, don’t worry you only take what you like and fit.

Some people opt to wear a lot of makeup every day, and this is not just for women, but for men too.

The other day I was on Instagram and found this guy that made his makeup in a way I can’t even try.



This look is effortless, just keep your face clean and clear, nude lips and minimalism eyes.

Maybe you saw this look before, but fashion trends right now are returning in time to take a couple of thing from past eras in fashion.

So if you pay attention to celebrities and some models, you will discover that this look it’s kind of popular nowadays. It’s very subtle and easy.

Oversized Eyelashes

Personally, I don’t like this kind of look because it doesn’t fit me and it may be uncomfortable to me wear those really big eyelashes, just don’t.

These super large eyelashes are fashion trend right now and are at the top of the list to keep being the trend next year.

The Gothic

Probably this is kind of my favorite trend, those super blood red lips and black eyes are probably the best this winter.

If you follow some stars like Rihanna or Beyoncé, you’ll see that this trend is popular among them.

Tribal Look

You definitely have an encounter with this kind of look, is everywhere.

Splashes of neon hues to honor Africans or other cultural heritages. Although I can imagine myself going to work with that makeup on my face, I love it.

Tribal Makeup

Spring-Summer Makeup Trends 2018

It’s a little soon thinking about Makeup 2018 Makeup Trends for spring and summer next year, taking a look of fashion trends too.

But as I was saying, the time is very fast, and before you realize, you are going to be camping in the woods or buying your bath suit for the beach.

So take a look at this 2018 makeup trends for spring and summer.


Freehand Eyeliner

If you are a girl, probably you love or hate eyeliner. For those who adore it, next year the fashion trend will be a punky, rockabilly eyeliner style created by lead make-up artist Christelle Cocquet.

First, you keep your skin very bare, using a little concealer only next you apply eyeliner in a spontaneous way to create the look.

Subtle Bronzer

This look is very simple, you just put some bronzer on your cheekbones and the same powder across your forehead and chin sounds weird using the same powder in this three areas.

Blood Red Lips

Just like the gothic, Super Blood Red lips are going to be makeup trend next spring. It’s a beautiful color that suits almost everyone.

You can achieve this look buying a matte lipstick or a cute lip gloss. So if you can, right now you can make your order to your favorite makeup provider.

Red Blood Lips

Natural, fresh faces look

You are going to say at some point next year “oh, remember when this look was the fashion trend last year”, well, in 2018 this sporty kind of look will be back on.

It’s almost like you don’t even wear any makeup, but you are. Foundation, some mascara maybe, powder and you have the natural fresh look.

Soft Smokey Eyes

This is one of my favorites fashion trends for next year, you probably heard before that the Smokey eye was only created to be used at night, but with this soft look maybe you will love wearing it toward daylight, and at night, you choose.

What about the Clothes on 2018?

Well, if you can imagine all the trends good and weird for makeup next year; try to imagine the Fashion Trends for clothing.

I believe fashion can sometimes be a little odd about the trending.

Let’s be honest, the runway trends can be awesome but not all the time is comfortable for us or not all of us fit on them.Fashion 2018

Picasso Baby

There’s where I’m getting confused because, for example, all fashion trends for next year include the Picasso Baby look.

Yes, you might be wondering what it means. I made the same question.

So, what they call the Picasso Baby look is all those clothes art-infused prints-from comic-inspired faces.

To regular people like us, it will be fun to follow this trend, absolutely.


This isn’t new at all, I recalled use some flowers past year 2016 and of course this year too, but fashion people are bring it again with a twist and maybe not entirely.

But a huge part of next spring will have some flowers on clothes, and its promise to be huge flowers being part of the next year fashion trends.

The Denim Trend

Apparently, jeans are coming back to style in jackets, skirts; suiting separates, dark wash denim reigned supreme in every form.

You can use cropped hems, jeans with a hole and even your boyfriend jeans, this look is going to rock next year you only need to see the ideas that already are online.

Fringe Factor

This will be popular among the fashion trends next year, colorful clothing like studio 54- inspired tassels.

Fringe Color is just one of those trends that cycle through the runways every few seasons.

If you ask me, I found this trend like something fun, but personally I won’t use any of this ideas, just doesn’t fit me. Some of you can agree with it.

Maybe is because this look is very dramatic, high-wattage gowns, long strands paying more of an homage to all-American cheerleader pom-pom style.

To me is too much for a regular day, but maybe I’ll try it.

Paint the Town Lavender   

Pay some attention to this one because I assure you that is going to be huge due to the gorgeous lavender.

Well, it is one of my favorite’s colors, so I will definitely try it next spring.


The Next year is going to be Awesome

Some fashion trends are strange, others are just unimaginable to us, but each day fashion is creating a lot of ways of clothing, makeup, and hairstyles.

If you go to Facebook, maybe you find some tutorials to make your eyebrows look like a Christmas tree. Quite strange to me if you ask.

Maybe you are wondering what you are going to wear at the end of this year, or perhaps next one.

Some people don’t even worry about what they are going to wear tomorrow but don’t matter, that is good either way.

You can check the next Fashion trends and use whatever you like and fit.


















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