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The Importance of Skin Care

Having a good appearance is often linked to skin care, it leads to an excellent self-esteem and confidence, especially on women.

However, there are some points that we need to focus on, and maybe you never thought about this before, but having an appropriated skin care influences also in our health too.

Skin is the most significant organ that protects our body against toxins and other pathogens.

Another thing to take into account is that our skin is daily changing and repairing itself, this can happen while we are asleep or awake.

So is indeed essential to have in mind care of it.

How can I Take Care of my Skin?

You have plenty options to pick a right way to moisturize your skin.

First of all drinking the right quantities of water, so start with that.

Then in the shower, you try to have a special soap, why?

Having the wrong one can dry the skin.

I basically never heard about that before, but data found shows me that it happens, the wrong soap can dry your skin in so many levels you can’t imagine.

Some of them can cause rash or skin diseases.

Then comes the moisturizer, the most common way to take care of skin, and if you ask me, it’s my favorite way.

There are some many brands and fragrances among you can pick of, and I personally love to choose those with perfume on it, usually called Body Lotion, unfortunately not all of them have the right benefits for you and your skin.

How to pick Right Moisturizer?


Drops of condensation settle on a turquoise blue glass surface

A tough one is chosen, there are plenty options to pick of, but certainly, you first need figurate out what are your needs.

I mean, is your skin oily o dry? That kind of thing.

Normal Skin type is neither dry nor oily, this kind of skin I think is the easier due to the facility you can find a fantastic moisturizer.

Because if you have an oily type of skin can be tough, cause you already need to focus on this detail when buying moisturizer.

And from here to this turns into an issue, but don’t worry if you have this type of skin, there’s a solution, I mean it’s not the end of the world.

Then comes the dry skin, which can make things even harder, you have a particular need.

So, that doesn’t mean that is some serious stuff only that you need to pay extra care for it, that’s it.

Supermarkets have what you need; you don’t need to go to a special place to get a product that can help you. So don’t worry if you have this type of skin.

You worry about having sensitive skin. At this point, we are going to have some issues because you need not unique products, but the right one and not all stores have the appropriate.

The moisturizer must have some smooth ingredient to help your skin, like aloe vera.

I have this friend who struggles with the issue of having this type of surface and has told me that is very harsh to her sometimes to find a good product and also, an affordable price.

I say you, having sensitive skin needs more care.

At this point, you maybe are like “oh, I thought there’s was only dry, normal or oily skin,” but the truth is that is more than you think because you need to find out sometimes if you need cream for your face based on your age.

I mean, if you are young or if you already need some cream for mature skin, for example. Let’s face it, the time comes by, and we can’t stop it.

Prescription Only

I know you perhaps are thinking that having skin care represents a lot of work, but is not, trust me.

Once you identify your needs, it will be simpler.

The thing here is when you have, for instance, some acne problem or something like that, if you do embrace yourself because you are going to treat this problem.

Identifying the reason like if it is due to stress, hormonal, thing you eat like junk food, a lot of reasons may cause it but focus on the reason first, before you get a treatment.

If your problem is complex you might go to a dermatologist first.

Normally is what people do because an acne problem can lead to having severe scars plus the feeling of something isn’t right with you and lack of self-confidence. Think about it.

The reasonable thing to happen next is that your dermatologist tells you what’s going on in your skin and maybe prescript you a particular skin care treatment.

If this goes just like I said, you stick to the prescription not using other products so the treatment works the way we expect.

Body or Face?

Skin Care

Okay, once you identify your skin type and make a preference for a product, focus on your face and body.

I said this because I know people that only take care of face skin leaving behind the rest of their bodies and that is not the plan.

The thing here for the proper skin care is that it is crucial to focus on all your body that includes your arms, legs, elbows, hands, knees, etc.

So, next time you think about what is better on face creams think about also the rest of your body is there to have skin care.

Of course, you can always combine others treatments to improve the health of your skin.

Currently, we have options, and you can find them either in-store or at home, or in a special place if you want. Can be a spa o a beautiful place, the thing is that you can do it and feel great about it.

I mean, who doesn’t like to spend a complete day in a spa?

The Sun

Here’s an advice to have skin care, if you are getting some moisturizer either with fragrance or for your right skin type, choosing with FPS if it is possible.

This is important, so pay attention, the sun is an enemy. You can enjoy its light and the warm sensation but also you can damage your skin due to the wrong sun exposures.

The skin consists of trillion of cells, and have layers.

The first layer is the stratum which is the skin we actually see, beneath lies the epidermis, the basal layer, the dermis and then the subcutaneous fat layer.

We are not telling you that every layer needs some care, but definitely we kind telling you how your skin works.

So the first layer of your skin can be damaged for the sun but also, if it’s warmer enough, you can get another kind of damage.

The sun also can make you look old, yes it sounds weird but it’s real.

The sun can damage your skin enough to improve the aging due to the UV radiation.

Like some of the cream or skin types that we described you in the previous point, there’s are plenty of options to pick a sunscreen by the FPS.

So, technically we are telling you that you to have skin care, you can choose a moisturizer that offers you FPS protection like a plus, and that’s is awesome if you ask for my opinion.

Also, for women are some brands of makeup that are offering you moisturizer and FPS protection, is even better.

No matter your choices are you just make sure that’s the right for you and make sure that works for you because not all the brands can offer you quality and it will be the same having a bad brand than don’t put anything on your skin.

Begin Skin Care

Maybe you are not taking care of your skin or maybe you are, but not in the right way.

So, we hope that some of our advice help you at some level so you can take action and begin to spend some time caring your skin.

You can see the results, the before and after, but definitely, the benefits of this are huge.

Have this friend that at the beginning felt lazy about the subject. But now, she’s teaching me new techniques to take care of my skin, I think that on Facebook you can find some videos of homemade ways to moisturizer or just looking up on Google.

I assure you that you can find recipes and stuff, but be aware of that kind of information that isn’t good. Make sure that the ingredients don’t cause some harm to your skin.

Taking care of our skin may not be easy for us because of our pace of life, maybe.

But it is more straightforward than it seems. Some moisturizers can fit in our pockets, so, every time you wash your hands you can apply a little to keep them hydrated.

Just like your face, be sure to bring your sunscreen with you if the day is sunny even if it is cloudy, ultraviolet rays can damage the skin. So think about it.

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