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Perfect Hairstyles for this Holidays

The time to look amazing is coming, everybody is preparing the perfect outfit to enjoy the holidays. Nowadays, girls are setting the last details of the clothes that probably are preparing since August this year.

To a girl sometimes isn’t enough with a wonderful outfit, she also needs an incredible makeup and hairstyles to combine with. Bloggers, fashion magazines, and experts, are coming out with the last beauty trends for this year and hairstyles are one of them.

From around the world, they are talking about the latest hairstyles in Paris, Milan, New York and South Korea and actually pulling out the next trends for 2018. I love this because they always come with excellent and useful ideas so we can have the complete outfit.

Of course, not always you can pull out a fantastic hairstyle by yourself, and that is because not all of us can do it. But don’t worry you can always can to the salon with a picture of your wish hairstyle and pay the lady to do it at an affordable cost or you can practice until you got it. Don’t worry, one way or another you are going to look perfect this holidays.


I was on Instagram last night and I realize that there’s a lot of ideas to pull your hair together in a great way. Don’t know what to do with your hair? Go to Instagram. Fashion bloggers and experts are sharing so much material about what to do with your hair this season.

Photos and videos are hitting the trending topics every day and you can grab a lot of ideas. Doesn’t matter if your hair is very short or if is long, you will find the right style for you.

The High Split Pony Tail

This is always a trend, I mean, since I got memory I have been this style go and back on for years. Is a pretty ponytail. You can wear it like the retro style a give to your ponytail a vintage look twisting the length of your hair or maybe you can give it a messy look (tousled).

Also, the ponytail looks nice when you bumped up creating volume it the top of your head to give a soft and classy touch or you can just use high as you can and split it by the half like Ariana Grande, it just looks fantastic that way.

Is the best option also on Pinterest?

Like Instagram, you can find a lot of options on Pinterest. The possibilities are almost unlimited due to a lot of users, majority female, are updating profiles with a lot of photos of fabulous hairstyles. I don’t know from where, but they invented too many designs.

Some photos have the step by step instructions so you can follow down every single idea and nail an awesome hairstyle. Some of them may look hard to do but believe me; nothing is impossible.

Braided Bun with Jewels

Personally, I think this is a tough one due to not only need to make a nice bun but also needs to stick some jewels on the top of your bun. It looks fantastic but is kind of hard to do I believe, but to others may be easier.

This hairstyle was used it back in time too, but certainly, now you can give your own touch and it can be elegant and classy too, just to wear it with your dress this New Year eve.

Bubble Pony Tail

I remember to use this style when I was a child and is the simplest thing to do. You just need to grab your hair in a ponytail high or low, your call, or pull up a half of your hair secure it and take sections of your hair while wrapped the others sections to make it look like a complete ponytail.

Don’t forget to give it some volume and add some beautiful items like gems or fake jewels to provide it with the final touches. You can wear with a casual outfit too, not just for the holidays.

The Huge Dreamy Curly Hair

Well, definitely to nail this style you will need to have curly long hair or something similar because we are going to pull up a Donna Summer 70s hairstyle. You will precise hair mouse or something, then you are going to brushing until you get a huge volume hair like an afro style.

Sleek Side Part

If you got a Bob haircut style you probably think that your options are limited, but not. One example to you is the Sleek Side part style and we’ve heard about it before, but its trend right now so take a note because this is style is not only to fall/winter season, is going to last until spring of 2018.

You can do it with your dry hair using a parting pick kind of brush, and create the side part placing your hair in two sections. When you have the clean part of your side hair, you can use the spray to stick it on the side and a hair dryer so it can’t move while you are dancing this season.

The Undone Side Braid

This is a messy trend hairstyle too. You make a ponytail on your side of the head with a messy unfinished braid. Your hair can fall on your shoulder with a teeny tiny braid. It is pretty simple, to replicate the undone Side braid, part your hair deep to one side, and then start braiding just below your jawline.

It will look amazing this season because it is the trend right now on Hollywood too, so you can look up for videos or photos on social media, Instagram or whatever and find a good example that works for you and your hair. You are going to love it.

The Undone Ponytail

Well, if don’t like the unfinished braid you can always opt for the undone ponytail too. I get anxious when my hair is a kind of unfinished hairstyle, but it looks fine to me. Resist the urge to secure your hair with a clear elastic and take it down with an undone ponytail.

It looks messy but it has its trick to nail it, to be honest, I don’t believe at first but yes, there’s a trick to look messy and nice at the same time and like the undone side braid, this style is the trend right now among the Hollywood stars.

Two-texture Ponytail

It seems like the ponytail it pretty popular these days, because a lot of models and movie stars prefer this kind of hair nowadays. This style involves having a more or less long hair to play with. So, the first thing to do is make a high stylish ponytail, run a strong-hold gel on top through crown for that smooth and shiny finish and then, leave the rest of your hair be free.

The preference is that you need to give volume to your ponytail, curly if you want. Don’t forget the final touches so you can wear it to a party with your best dress. See how some stars like Gabrielle Union wears it.

Half-Back with a Bow

This is a really cute style and you just need part your hair in a half, secure it in that half ponytail and then finish it with spray. You need a bow to set it on the top of the half ponytail or you can also make a bow using your own hair. Personally, I think this will be better for a party, you’ll look fantastic and classy.

Crown Braids with Floral Accents

This remains me to Frida Kahlo, because you pull your hair up in a clean fish with spray or gel, and then you set it up in a topknot. You can dress up your bun with fake or natural flowers or use them on top of your crown.

Looking amazing this season

The year is coming to an end and another year is going to start, so many ideas are blowing on the internet right now and you can take advantage of all that great material that fashion bloggers and experts are coming out with.


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