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December 20, 2017
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Korean Beauty Secrets that you Should Know

Korean beauty trends have been for the last years, one of the most popular among the occidental people. And not only the beauty secrets but the culture, the food and some fashion trends that today are one of our favorites.

The Clothing

The Fashion Clothing in South Korea is one of the most popular in the world, even before Paris, where people use to think, was the heart of the fashion world. Well, I think the next step in fashion is in South Korean and also Japan.

The incredible classy designs call the attention of millions of women around the globe, but why? Well, this year, for example, was the Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2017, bringing with it the most amazing and impeccable fashion designs. One thing that I love of South Korea is that emblematic style that they use and always have an idea for keep being one on of the best countries on having the best fashion trends.

Many people around the world try to imitate the outfits designed in South Korea, which begin to be used herein west, only a few weeks after launching in Asia. Thanks to the internet, we can explore all these ideas and know them. Even the use of the internet has given us the possibility to choose some of this clothes to be sent from South Korea to our country.

The city of Seoul in South Korea is practically the new capital of fashion where you find the latest in clothing, makeup, and pop culture. I love the way they look with the little jackets, dresses, skirts, shirts, among other. But indeed, the have originality and good taste.

Korean Idols

Also, keep in mind that Korean idol bands have become famous around the world and many girls try to emulate the clothes of their favorite Korean artists. With lots of color, fun prints and figures, Korean fashion has a strong base.

The Korean bands, known as idols are usually a large group of young girls who dance and perform very popular musical themes in their place of origin, but also from this side of the world.

These idols, as they are commonly known, are the prominent reference in South Korea when it comes to talking about clothes, makeup and other major trends in the beauty industry.

Doramas and other Fashion Influences

As I was saying, the young ladies heading the most popular pop bands, are the referent of fashion. But also the doramas are part of the statistics because lately, they have become quite popular programs around the world, even in streaming digital services have a catalog available from these programs.

Basically, doramas are like telenovelas, but their success is governed by the quality with which they are produced. This has made them famous and therefore they are one of the biggest exhibitors of new fashion trends.

The actors and actresses that appear in these programs have become examples of fashion in South Korea. Not only applies to women, the latest in clothing can be observed regularly in these programs. You can see one available in a digital service in which you are subscribed so you can appreciate how well produced these Korean soap operas are

Is the makeup in South Korea the latest trend?

As the clothing, the makeup in South Korea in from another world, I mean the products and tendencies are pretty impressive to me. If you think about it, South Korea and even Japan, have an ancient history in cosmetic, an industry that begun centuries ago.

If you do some research you are going to find that the use of cosmetic in South Korea date back to the time of the Three Kingdoms of Korea and the use of the makeup flourished during the Goryeo Kingdom. I’m sure that in other countries had the beginning too, but talking about South Korea, they use to make their cosmetic with some lotions extracted from plants and flowers.

Some of this plants had extracts that help to deep clean the skin. Some still use plants to clean their faces before any makeup naturally. The makeup could also be made with plant extracts and some tricks that were in the past.

Today South Korea is one of the countries with the largest export of cosmetics, skin care products and make-up of different brands, which are promoted in social networks, television, in Korean soap operas that they call doramas and different ways of advertising.

Some items are quite striking with attractive colors that turn out to be beautiful objects that when we see them we cannot avoid wishing them this Christmas. From bright powders to highlight our cheekbones to eyeliners with amazing tools included for those people like me that struggle a little just to underline our eyes in a perfect way.

There’s a kind of brush cleaner that I want, for example, they called the Missha- Brush Cleaner. Consist of a black disk- shaped sponge and a white circle in the center that without using water helps you clean your makeup brushes in a minute. Personally, I like a serum to grow my eyelashes, is an incredible Korean product that definitely you need to try if your eyelashes are short and weak.

South Korea Skincare Trends

They are consistently given to the world new idea to take care of the skin, exfoliate is undoubtedly one of them. If you are looking for an excellent Korean trend, you need to reach a smooth looking skin with the help of some product that you can get on the internet. There are a lot of brands that you will love.

As you must know, exfoliate your skin gives you a better look on your skin. Exfoliators help to remove the dead cells from your face and some other imperfections that you need to remove not only to your skin look smoother and flawless, but so your makeup looks better too.

Everything for a Smoother Skin

Plus, South Korean trends, marks the use of toner in the beauty routine this isn’t new but you need to know that is a helpful product that everyone needs. A toners function is to complete the cleansing of the skin by removing the dust, pollution, and impurities that stick on your face even after washing with a cleanser.

Most of the toners are water-based liquids composed of specific active ingredients including plant extracts and essential oils that help to improve your skin health. The use of essence it’s to common too, and also serums to your face. Both help you if you have the oily type of skin or dry, to help balance your PH.

Look for some brands that are the best in the Korean beauty industry. You will find ampoules too, a super serum which belongs to the same family as serums and essences having a high-level concentration of active particles to repair damaged skin.

On the other hand, in South Korea we have the great exploration of great ideas for masks. Do you remember the black mask that eliminates black spots instantly? Well, he left South Korea for the whole world. They unleash a revolutionary trend in sheets masks too and they come in a lot of presentations, rice, red wine, green tea, among others.

The big international companies are also emulating some South Korean products. South Korea has become a popular and innovative country in terms of fashion and skin care. Some people are even learning how to speak in Korean and they sometimes speak about moving out to the country.

Why South Korea?

Well, I don’t know when or how, but in the last years, South Korea became one of the biggest references in fashion and even technology. The Korean beauty and fashion trends are everywhere, perhaps the reason that it is now so popular is due to our access to the internet.

I don’t even know when it happens, but the Korean trends are here and they came to stay for a long time. Girls love them and are checking for the latest to come up on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Every accessory, clothes, beauty cosmetics, makeup, among others are waiting for us and they are fantastic.


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