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December 21, 2017
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How to Lose the Weight gain During Holiday

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I don’t know someone that doesn’t like the Holiday, but I surely know people who hate the weight they gain after.

So, we are there having a great dinner with the family, and nobody is thinking about gain weight.

We remembered the day after if we are lucky.

Al begins in August I believe, you prepare for the first parties, and then November arrives with a calendar full of festivities, among them, the most important which is Thanksgiving, after that we can barely have control of ourselves.

After eating you may have this guilty but still eating all the buffet that your mother and grandmothers, probably aunts have for you.

You try to watch what you are eating but is a difficult task. However, there are people how achieve continuing with their diets.

But something is real, many of us at this point of the year, we have had to gain extra weight from the holidays.

Every year it’s getting harder to lose it, so we need to keep in mind that and watch even more what we eat.

But, if you like to eat and feel the regret only when the New Year is here, then maybe some of this advice can work for you.

I know, gaining weight is easier than losing it, but it is essential to keep in mind that we need to be at our ideal weight.

Healthy diet exists for many reasons and is critical to stick to one that covers our needs.

Most people wondering how to lose weight if they are always in a hurry? Well, it is no mandatory to have a strict regimen and exercise a lot.

When you see some of this advice, you are going to realize that some of them are pretty simple. You can have them on habits, good and healthy habits.

Can Water Help me Lose Weight?


The answer is yes. Many people are wondering how this is possible, but it is not that hard to believe.

You see, people most of the time mistake thirst with hunger a common mistake that can be bigger if we do it often. So a good trick for weight loss is drinking a lot of water per day.

I’m not saying that you need huge quantities of water, so this can work, but surely you need to take into account that the amount of water needs to be around 2 liters per day.

Some people drink 8- ounce of water when they get up every morning, but definitely, it’s up to you.

If you are a person who forgets to drink enough water, don’t worry because technology is here to help you. Believe it or not, there is an application that works as a reminder to drink water.

Super easy and you can download it in your phone today because drinking enough water a day is easy to forget too many people, especially if they are super busy at the office or if their work involves setting in a chair all day.

American Council on Exercise says that if you want to lose weight, you need to be an active woman and drink around 2.7 liters or 91 ounces of water per day.

Drinking water can help you to feel full without having any food, and this doesn’t mean that you can skip eating, you must eat, but drinking water helps you to eat only the right amount.

Scape From the Sugar

Run away from sugar

If you are a sugar lover, you probably have a huge task here.

You must avoid the sugar, you can try the honey in your tea or coffee, and positively the chocolate is forbidden to you.

However, if you are a chocolate addict, you can opt for the dark kind.

I mean, it will be not the same, but still, is chocolate and lots of brands offer plenty of good options for dark chocolate.

Also, you will help your dental health because not having large quantities of sugar helps to keep your mouth to improve its health.

Think about it; you will see the difference.

Cut off the intake of sweet beverage, yes I’m talking to you energetic drinks.

Those kinds of beverages have huge amounts of sugar, and if you are not hitting the gym after drinking one, probably it is not a good idea to drink one of these calories monsters.

So, give a second thought to the sweet beverages, and if you can, you can dilute your OJ with water, cause everybody knows that many juices have a lot of sugar.

That includes sodas too, so you need to cut down your intake of sugar, juice, chocolate, sweets and indeed, sodas. This kind of drinks also have a lot of sugar, calories and only help you to gain weight.

Do I Need to Exercise?


Of course, you need to exercise.

None diet is complete if you don’t apply, I know this was a pretty obvious thing to give as advice from the beginning of this post, but I need to say it.


Maybe you went to the gym until November arrives, but something is true here, you need to come back. It doesn’t matter if December is, there are no excuses.

The best way to lose all the pounds you gain during the holiday is watching what you are eating, but surely it also depends on your routine.

Dancing in the parties don’t count as working out, keep that in mind. You can go out and walk or run; you can join a gym or a dance class, Zumba perhaps.

Exercise not only works to burn calories, studies have revealed that it also puts you in a positive attitude and boss your energy at work.

Working out will give you a lot of positive results, not only losing all that weight gain during this holidays.

The extra weight was here with us probably all year, but it is never too late to star, so make it a purpose to next year and this time do it because we sometimes made promises at the end of the year that not always achieve.

So make it happen.

It is not necessary to join a special club, gym or something you can workout at home. So, the important thing here is to move.

Keep in mind that this can improve your mood too.

Eliminates the stress or reduce it, can you imagine? You don’t only lose weight, but also you can find a lot of gratifications due to the exercise.

Do I Need to Quit Bread?

Are you serious

Maybe during the holiday, we have a lot of opportunities to eat bread that is one of the strong reason we gain extra weight.

It is not only the turkey but also the bread we have alongside.

So if you put something else on that bread, the weight gain can be even worse. So, as a piece of advice to lose this extra weight, cut of cheese, bread, crackers and bagels from your diet.

Watch this words because if your body isn’t used to this extra sugar and salt, probably will hold a lot of amounts of water and you will see as a little balloon.

If your body holds all this water, that can be weight to, I mean is water but is still weight that you need to lose.

To do it, first, you need to quit salt, sugar, bread, sodas, among other weight helpers.

It seems like an impossible task, but nothing in this world can be that hard.

Eating more can help me to Lose Weight?

I know, this can sounds confusing. Because most people think that eating less can help them to lose weight, but the truth is that skipping meals doesn’t help at all.

It is not the way our bodies work because let me tell you that skipping meals can be an issue actually because your body is not used to it and your metabolism can get lazy if you don’t eat.

Let me explain to you how it works, not eating makes your body save energy reserves because doesn’t know when you will feed it again, so it is very easy to gain extra weight with this.

So not eating is not the solution.

Some experts actually say that eating five times per day helps to lose weight.

But it all depends on what you are eating because that doesn’t mean that processes food counts like healthy food.

By saying eating five times a day, they mean to have apples, carrots, and healthy snacks, not crackers or some junk food, so keep that in mind.

Eating five times a day can improve your metabolism, but is just not eating whatever you find near to you.

If you are going to eat five times a day you need to take into account that the quantity matters, but the quality matter even more because if you are going to eat junk food five times a day, you can forget losing all the extra holiday weight.

You to focus on fruits, nuts, almonds, vegetables, among other healthy meals.

Remember that eating five times a day speed your metabolism and with that, the digestion needs to work extra.

When that happens, you burn calories, since the process of digestion burns them.

Be Positive and Set a Realistic Goal


If you are training, eating healthy and even so, you cannot lose the weight you may think you will lose, be positive.

You need to be patient and wait for the results because it is not a simple thing to do.

Go easy with the alcohol, don’t stress so much since the liberation of cortisol cant improve the gain of weight and don’t lose the calm.

Every process, even losing weight is long sometimes, and if you give up too soon, you will never see the results of your hard work.

Stop eating


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