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Carrie Fisher: A Missing Legend

Carrie Fisher is already a legend, most known for her role in the Star Wars saga. But the career of this cinema icon didn’t begin with Star Wars: A New Hope as many people think.

First of all, Fisher was born in Burbank, Los Angeles, California and her parents were Debbie Reynolds a Hollywood star and the singer Eddie Fisher.

When she was only two years of age, her parents split out when Eddie Fisher left Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor.

Carrie Fisher found her calm at an early age when she begins to write books and poetry.

While the latest film of the saga, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is rocking the box office, fans around the world are paying tribute to the legend who was more known for her role as Princess Leia in five movies of the Star Wars saga.

Carrie Fisher is remembered today and is still heartbreaking going to see The Last Jedi and see her for the last time.

Her career on T.V. officially begun in 1969 in the Debbie Reynolds and the Sound of Children musical. Then, her career took off, and a couple of years later he was cast in Star Wars (1977) as the Princess Leia Organa.

The plan back then was to film one movie only, but the first film had a massive success than George Lucas went down for two more films starring Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and Carrie Fisher (Leia Organa).

After the success, she came back as Princess Leia in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi, and the world of films changed forever.

Fisher became one of the most popular Hollywood icons back then in the 80s but also, she was, and comic conventions and stuff and he had her fans all over the world as her co-stars Hamill and Ford.

Her role as the brave, smart and beautiful Princess made Fisher a pop culture star and today the fans are remembering her after a year of her death.

Fans and celebrities took social media to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher; Mark Hamill is one of them.

Mark Hamill tweeted images this morning with the message “no one’s ever really gone.” Fans wrote that they could not believe that a year ago today, our Princess died.

Some of them wrote that was hard and heartbreaking seeing her in The Last Jedi.

Also, they are prepared to pay tribute to Debbie Reynolds as well, since the star died a day after her daughter.

Carrie Fisher and the Star Wars success

Carrie Fisher is best known for her role in the Star Wars but Fisher’s career is most considerable than only that, she made her film debut in Shampoo (1975).

And after that, appearing in the George Lucas’s blockbuster was the perfect opportunity to Carrie to prove the world she was made of something substantial.

After the success of Star Wars, Carrie had a lot of proposals to appear on T.V. and movies.

She appeared in The Blues Brothers in 1980, and the same year she looked in The Empire Strikes Back. She worked in Under the Rainbow a year after that.

Being the daughter of one of the biggest villains of the film industry, gave Carrie Fisher just the plus. Yes, I’m talking about Darth Vader.

The major success of the Star Wars saga was the character played by David Prowse and the story of that galaxy far, far away starring by Fisher, Hamill, and Ford.

The Life of Carrie Fisher after Star Wars

Many people think that Carrie Fisher was just a character from one of the most famous sagas of all the time, but the truth is that she was a writer too, books and screenplays.

For example, she wrote Postcards from the Edge, a book that she wrote after struggled with her drugs and alcohol addictions.

This book was published during 1987, and it was adapted into a motion picture by Carrie Fisher herself.

She wrote the screenplay, and Mike Nichols directed it.

Was released by Columbia Pictures in 1990 having Merryl Streep in the leading role. It is a fabulous book, and the movie was pretty impressive too.

It is about this actress named Suzanne Vale (Streep) that is recovering drug addict trying to pick up the pieces of her acting career and get on with her life after all the drama.

Postcards from the Edge it’s an autobiographical novel wrote it by Carrie Fisher, and I know that if you are a real fan of her, at this point you have had read it already.

Also, you probably saw Fisher on an episode of the T.V. series Sex and the City, The Big Bang Theory or maybe you can still hear her voice in Family Guy since she was Angela on the T.V. animated series.

A Legend Never Dies

Carrie Fisher was a talented woman. She doesn’t focus only on acting but also she writes and she helped to revise many Hollywood scripts of a lot of motion pictures such as Sister Act (1992) and The Weeding Singer (1998).

When she and co-stars came back in Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened in the U.S. on December 18, 2015.

Many fans thought that this would mark the return of the main characters from the saga, but if you saw it, you probably are aware of what happened to a particular actor that changed the way of the saga forever.

I mean, all we knew that this characters would be no longer with us at some point, but it happened so fast that confuse us and also, broke our hearts.

Carrie Fisher was the fantasy of too many men back in the 70s and 80s, but the heart of Fisher belonged to the singer Paul Simon and both married in 1983.

But the couple got divorced in a less of a year.

She had a child in 1992 with the talented agent Bryan Lourd, the actress Billie Lourd, who appears in The Force Awakens alongside her mother. Also, Billie appears in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2017, Billie Lourd said that she auditioned for the Rey role in Star Wars, which went to Daisy Ridley at the end.

Can you imagine the daughter of Carrie Fisher in the lead role of the new Star Wars movies?

Even so, it didn’t happen, but we have the old movies to see our Princess Leia whenever we want.

Also, we can read some of her books.

She had a tremendous voice through the things she wrote all over the years.

She was invited to give conferences being an inspiration for a bunch of people.

If you have never read something write it for Fisher, you are missing something huge from the world she left behind.

May the Force be With You

It is hard to believe that a year is already passed since the death of Carrie Fisher.

2016 was the year of the death of too many stars and artists, and the fans get the bad news from social media when she was reported to be in critical condition.

Our prayers and souls went to Carrie and the hashtag #MayTheForceBeWithHer turned trending topic last year.

But it wasn’t enough; our Princess Leia died at the age of 60 in the hospital.

A day after Carrie Fisher death, her mom the screen legend Debbie Reynolds died during the arrangements for Carrie Fisher funeral.

Carrie Fisher was cremated and all those that met her, family, friends, and celebrities pay tribute in a private memorial.

We are going to remember her forever.





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