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January 3, 2018
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Are the Metallic Lipsticks the New Trend?

As everybody knows, every year comes with new resolutions to achieve, but also comes with latest fashion trends, including for makeup and of course, lipsticks.

So, as a matter of fact, I found some information that you can take into account this year to look amazing.

I remember that last year the trend was matte lipsticks, and I remember buying a lot of them.

Unfortunately for me, the matte style is gone alongside 2017. The new matte is the metallic style which is gorgeous by the way.

I believe some girls, and also guys who wear makeup, loves this metallic look with all those sparkles and shiny bold colors.

As now metallic is the new look on the runways too taking the fashion industry and also on T.V.

The colors are varied and surely worth this much attention, these shiny colors are eye-catching. What happened to our beloved matte?

Those were looking like they were never leaving the spotlight. But, metallic have brought their spotlight this year, and they are driving crazy everybody.

Taking Care of your Lips, it is Never off the Table

I love to pick my lipsticks and wear them every day, but first thing first. Our lips look better if we take care of them first.

So, the principal thing you can do not to touch or lick your lips because if you do, you can affect them.

If you lick your lips, it might feel good for the moment and also feel hydrating for your lips. But once the saliva gets dry, your lips will feel even drier than before.

Believe or not, the lips are delicate. They need protection, so if you lick them and then your saliva gets dry, your lips can crack.


When your lips crack, it hurts, and no matter how hard you try on buying the best lipsticks, it will not look good on you if your lips are cracked.

So, do not lick them. Also, keep in mind that your lips need to be exfoliated and moisturized.

Do not leave makeup on your lips. You may think that you only need to take off the makeup of your face to avoid acne and other kinds of skin issues.

But some people forget about their lips. They are part of your face too, and if you used a lipstick, you must take it off before you hit the bed.

Make sure of removing all traces of lipstick from your lips because it has been proven that leave it on can crack your lips too.

So you can take your makeup remover with a little cotton and wipe your lips with it.

All kind of lipsticks can look better if we maintain a good health on our lips make them soft and hydrated. So, follow these simple tips, and your lips will glow.

The Metallic Look on Lips


The metallic look became suddenly a trend for this year, and I wonder where the matte go. But there is excellent news for those who still love the matte look but also want to try this new metallic style.

You can opt for the metallic matte lipstick, and they come in every color!

There is something that I didn’t get yet; we have a metallic look on lips since a few years back.

But the experts have said that this year this style will rock more than ever and you can take advantage because regardless this will be not the only trend on lips, it will be one of the strongest.

Every girl wants her makeup to look amazing and many girls believe that with metallic colors on the lips they will not be able to combine with the rest of the colors on their faces.

The truth is that you should not worry about this because, with the full range of colors to choose, the metallic lipsticks are one of the best options to combine with your makeup.

Especially if it’s makeup for the night.

Personally, I love the purple color with the metallic finish, but there are plenty of options to pick from.

A metallic blue is also a great option, and you can go on and on seeing the different options that so many brands are offering right now.


Keep in mind that the metallic look also fits in the eyes and your fingernails so that you can combine the colors very well. If you think about this trends, it was there in some way everywhere since a few years back.

You can take a look back at the fashion trends in past years and see that the metallic look on the lips was always there in some way, but at the time it became strongest than ever.

You can found it in every Instagram account, fashion magazines, bloggers, and experts are talking about it and make it better for the regular people.

Because we can agree the look can fit everyone, mainly because I am not a runway model and I need to pick one that fits me well.

Other 2018 Lipsticks Trends

Besides the metallic look on lips, there are also some other trends this year to try on our lips. The first one is the red lips, I know, this is a trend since we have memory, it never goes away, but it is essential to mention it.

This year this color will be rocking the runways as well as the metallic look, so prepare yourself because it will be a basic in your makeup bag.

I can make a trip back on time, precisely to the 90s, because the glossy and sticky lips are back.

This trend survived until the 2000s when Britney Spears hit the top places on the radio every single time she put a song out.

So, if you want a lipstick or a lip-gloss, you can opt for the several colors and options that 2018 prepared for you.

Stick around here in Dental Feeds to know more about the new trends every month and if you have something to say, please leave us a comment.

Don’t Forget the Rest of Your Make Up

I may seem like the metallic trend doesn’t fit with the rest of the makeup trends. Such as the highlighters, the contour, the eyeliners, among other beauty tricks to look fabulous, but don’t worry.

They fit, and you can use the rest of your makeup.

The thing here is that the metallic look on the lips can fit better with dramatic eyelashes and eyeshadows.

And regardless it looks fantastic, and you need to watch the amounts of makeup on your face and also the colors.

If you keep this in mind, the look on your lips will look sensational.

Answering the central question of this post, yes, absolutely yes the metallic lipsticks are a trend, and they will be trendy all this year and maybe part of the next one. So, use it and love it.


















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