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Yellow Nails: Causes and Preventions

Did you know that yellow nails can reveal clues of your health? Well, this is a truth, your nails can give some clues to your overall health.

And there are a lot of reasons for this to happen when they get yellow.

If you are a girl, probably you know about the feeling of your fingernails o toenails, because one of the reasons can be the nail polish we use to color our nails.

Sometimes we forget to take it out, and this can get the yellow.

But, as I was saying, there are plenty of reasons that can cause to our nails get yellow.

And is uncomfortable, because we use our hands daily and people can see them every day.

So, if we have this color on them, we often may feel a little awkward.

We will go to see some of this reasons and how can we rid of this yellow color that sometimes turns into a brown one.

The Beloved Nail Polish

You may be wondering why our nails get yellow with the nail polish and the answer to that may be a lot.

One of them is the type of polish you use, sometimes is the ingredients on them and other times is the color itself.

Some people think, and maybe it’s true, that the darker kind of polish, in particular, can stain nails due to the chemical reaction between the colorant and the nails plate.

Nail Polish

This doesn’t happen to all of us but frequently it one major reason to get your nails yellow.

Other factors can leave your nail polish for a long time. Your nail won’t be able to breathe and this can be bad for them.

To avoid your polish damage or help to get the yellow color on your nails we have few pieces of advice.

One of them is the use of a coat before applying your nail polish.

The base coat is made to protect your nails from the damage of the nail polish, and it helps to prevent the yellow nails because you are using an extra layer to protect them.

Try to use a base coat before color your nails.

Also, if you are going to paint them, probably opting for a light color will be a fantastic idea.

Personally, I love dark colors but have in mind that dark color have large possibilities to stain your nails.

So, it will be hard not to use the dark color, but you will survive.

You need to take off the nail polish once in a while and then let them breathe a little, so time to use your acetone polish remover.

If you take a color, but as soon as you get it off you put a new one, you don’t let your nails breath.

So, instead of leaving your nail polish per months, take into account that this is a precursor to have yellow stain nails.

I heard that tea tree oil and whitening strips for teeth helps to improve the normal color of your nail.

There are many options to help your yellow nails to have their regular color back.

You can take some of this advice and try them, see if they work and if not, probably is due to something else and not to your nail polish.


The Fungal Infections vs. your Nails

When you nail polish isn’t the main problem of your yellow nails, you have to worry.

This color also can appear when you have a kind of fungal infections on your nail. And this can be due to a lot of reasons.

The proper thing to do is consult a doctor or if you know the probably main cause of it, try some at-home tricks.


If you have fungal infections maybe your nails are sick and they need treatment.

Sometimes with a little of tea tree oil or baking soda, you can solve it. But if the problem is complex, maybe at-home treatment isn’t a good idea.

For example, there is a sickness called it Onychomycosis, also known as tinea unguium and it is a fungal infection that can affect your fingernails and toenails, is a common disease, and it is a bad one, by the way.

The signs of having this disease are this yellow color and sometimes, black.

The nails become thickened and discolored and as the infections progress the nail becomes brittle, with pieces breaking off or coming away from the toe or your fingers thoroughly.

If you don’t get treatment for this, it can spread, and your skin around your nails will suffer too.

So, I have seen this disease, and your nail gets kinda bad indeed.

There is not a leading cause of this pathology, but as a prevention, you take care of your nail in public bathrooms, I mean, like the gym, the school and places like that.

If you think you have this disease the best thing to do is consult it with a doctor.

The medications it’s no painful, most of the time it is topical treatments that must be applied daily for a prolonged period, like a year probably.

I know a lot of time, but this disease is involved. Your nails can have changes that you can even imagine.

The Onychomycosis not only gives you yellow nails but others uncomfortable factors too that can result in full nail extractions and worse if you don’t get the proper treatment on time.

Nicotine can stain your Nails

Smoking not only can stain your teeth but also your fingers and nails.

It turns them yellow too.

If you are a smoker, there are a lot of chances that the yellow nails you have are due to smoking because of the nicotine that is a potential strainer.

Some people think they look exciting persons when they are holding a cigarette, and maybe they do, but also they can have yellow nails too.

Tar and nicotine found on cigarettes stain the fingernails as the smoker holds them.

Smoking, as I was saying, not only stain your teeth or nails but also stain your skin.

The area where you hold the cigarette with turns yellow too.

One of the reasons is that the smoke can block the pass of oxygen to your fingernails and skin surrounding them.

If you smoke, there are incredible possibilities of having a fungus infection like the onychomycosis I was telling you before on this post.

Smoking raises the risk of nail fungus infections by depriving the fingernail area of proper oxygen and nutrients and thus reducing its natural defense against fungi.

So, now you know that smoking also can cause yellow nails and to prevent this, you know what to do.

Stop smoking is the only thing to do, but some people cannot just quit to it so easily, but I encourage to achieve this to keep a good health not only on your nails but also in your entire body.

How can I Fix my Yellow Nails?

 Yellow Nails

Well, as I was saying before, there are a plenty of reasons to get yellow nails, but also there are many solutions you can use to get rid of this yellow color.

First, you need to be sure what the cause of it is; then you can proceed with some tricks at-home if you are sure that is not dangerous fungus.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide is good for yellow nails, and the only thing that you need to do is mix one part of hydrogen peroxide and three part of water in a small bowl or something and then soak your nails for around 20 minutes
  • Denture Tablets are made to whiten and brighten dentures; these tablets can also be used to remove stains from fingernails. Simply follow the package directions to dissolve the tablet in water and soak your nails in the solution.
  • Vitamin E you can also help with a yellow nails case. Try topical Vitamin E creams on them and see a positive result.
  • Whitening Toothpaste is also a great yellow nails helper. Just put some of this whitening toothpaste to each nail a let it there per a couple of moments.
  • Lemon juice is another. Just soak your nails in fresh lemon juice for about 15-20 minutes, then dry and this can be done for a few days until you become seeing some results on your nails.

If none of this helps your yellow nails, it is time to see your manicurist or your doctor for a professional treatment on them.

Remember that some diseases like diabetes, thyroid conditions, skin cancer, among others, can turn your nails yellow too.

But the easy way to avoid yellow nails, especially fungus, it is not sharing your shoes or stuff with other persons.

Also, you can wear antifungal socks and wear breathable footwear to let your toenails breath, because not only your fingernails can get yellow, but also your toe fingers.

Especially if you love to use dark nail polish on them too.

Some people even forget that a couple of months back they applied polish on their toe fingers. It is funny because they then wonder why yellow nails have.

Well, having yellow nails can be an issue for everyone, especially to women that day after day try to look amazing.

This issue can be a little embarrassing to all but fortunately is not the end of the world and we have some tips and solutions we can apply to get rid of the annoying problem and also we have some things we can avoid too.


















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