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4 Thanksgiving Hangover Cures That’ll Get You Through The Long Weekend

Whether you like it or not, Thanksgiving comes with the inevitable turkey-induced food coma. But let us not forget that, with holiday dining also comes holiday boozing, and going shot for shot with the fam can lead to one doozy of a headache afterward. The post-feast sleepy vibes are nothing compared to the beer, wine, or hard cider hangover that ensues just in time for Black Friday shopping. Whether your post-Turkey Day plans are to hit the mall early, or marathon cheesy Hallmark Christmas films, you might want a few Thanksgiving hangover cures in your back pocket to nurse you back to health.

I learned all about hangovers the hard way during my college party days. I have to admit, though, that by enduring the menacing nausea and headaches, I’ve become very in-tune with my body, and I now know exactly how to nurse it properly after a night of getting my drank on. Water is a must, breakfast a close second, and even though the mere thought of working out is cringeworthy when you’re seeing double, getting my body up and moving definitely helps me to recuperate.

Personally, I don’t drink more than a glass or two of my sister’s specialty cranberry sangria on Thanksgiving, so my days of boozy holiday celebrations are long gone. But for those of you banking on being a little shwasty for the long weekend, here are a few foolproof tricks to curb even the worst symptoms.

Drink Lots of Water

Alcohol might give you a buzz but, like caffeine, booze can severely dehydrate your body. Because alcohol decreases your body’s natural production of anti-diuretic hormones that absorb water, you’re most likely to lose fluids through urination or, “breaking the seal,” as the kids say.

Symptoms like headaches, weakness, and nausea are most likely direct results of dehydration after a night of drinking. So, if you know Thanksgiving for your squad is less of a feast and more of a drinking fest, strategically place two bottles of water on your bedside table: one to sip before bed, and one to down before breakfast.

Before Your Next Big Meal, Sip On A Digestive Tonic

I’ll admit, I’m as basic as they come. When I wake up after a night of drinking, I’ll be first in line at the bagel store for an egg and cheese sandwich with a large coffee to go. Even though there’s nothing more satisfying than sopping up any remaining alcohol in the system with carbs on carbs this is not the first step to recovery.

It’s definitely important to rehydrate with a ton of water, but adding soothing elements and probiotics to your first sip of the day can be extremely beneficial.  Your body is essentially sending out an SOS after a night of alcohol consumption, so it’s going to crave beverages that are hydrating and healing. Aloe juice is full of soothing properties and stimulates healthy digestion. Apple cider vinegar can also enhance digestion, while a serving of probiotics will boost the immune system.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Nausea definitely kills an appetite, and if you wake up feeling queasy, I’m willing to bet breakfast is the least of your worries. Still, the truth stands: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when you’re nursing a nasty hangover.

Obviously, if you’re feeling physically sick, I’d advise holding off on a large meal and sticking to bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast until your stomach starts to feel better. But if you’re holding off on a normal-size breakfast for the sake of “cleansing,” It’s actually more beneficial to eat a high-protein breakfast, such as an egg scramble to keep you more satisfied throughout the day, help regulate your blood sugar, and help get back into a normal routine.

Get Your Body Moving Again

I know what you’re probably thinking: “I can barely walk or stomach saltines when I’m hungover, and these people want me to exercise?” Listen, I’m not saying you should go all hardcore and muddle through some kind of intense routine before enduring some heavy retail cardio on Black Friday. I am, however, suggesting you nurse your body with light activity.

Twisting yoga poses are wonderful for digestion. Even something as simple as power-walking with a friend can wake up your metabolism and stimulate the digestive track, encouraging foods from the night before to move on and out.

Do you know any other hangover cures for this Thanksgiving weekend that could save some of our readers?

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