January 18, 2018

Wonderful Uses for Your Old Toothbrush

Every year we throw out our toothbrush because we must change it every three months or at least twice a year. In case you didn’t know […]
January 15, 2018

What is a Vampire Facial and how does it Work?

For sure you have heard about the PRP treatment, or you just saw Kim Kardashian with it and wondered what that was in her Instagram photo. […]
January 10, 2018

5 Signs your Relationship is Doomed

Definitely, no one wants to get stuck in a bad relationship. But it can happen, and we need to be prepared for it. Most of the […]
January 8, 2018

Facial Masks: Types and Benefits

Probably you saw your mom using facial masks in your childhood, I saw mine and I have to say that in a couple of times, she […]
January 8, 2018

Can Gluten Cause Damage to my Health?

Nowadays I hear here and there that the gluten may cause problems in our health. I believe part of this only because let’s face it, for […]
January 6, 2018

The Importance of Skin Care

Having a good appearance is often linked to skin care, it leads to an excellent self-esteem and confidence, especially on women. However, there are some points […]

Step Up Your Oral Hygiene On 2022 With These 10 Tips

Dental care is one of the most important factors to consider, whether for appearance or health.  Cavities, bad breath, and gum inflammation are just ...


What Effects Can Fluoride Treatment Have On Your Teeth?

It is usual for many adults not to have fluoride treatments. Some don’t even know they exist.  Along with the tooth fairy and flavored toothpas...


The Best Halloween Candy From a Dentist’s Point of View

If we’re talking about which Halloween candy is best, I’ll just start by saying that any candy is bad. I know, I know. But still, a little...


Have You Been Using Dental Wax The Right Way?

When you find yourself in an oral health crisis, dental wax can come in handy to save your day when you can’t see a dentist right away. Even mor...


Fear of The Dentist? Try These Tips to Cope With Dental Anxiety

Have you been stopping yourself from visiting the dentist because the only thought of it causes you distress?  If this pretty much describes your rel...


How Often Should You See a Dentist To Keep Your Smile Healthy?

So, how often should you see a dentist? Going to the dental office when you can no longer endure pain is good but not ideal. In order to avoid severe ...


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Periodontitis: Silent But Deadly to Your Teeth

If your gums look a little too red from normal, it might be time for you to pay a visit to a periodontist San Diego. Gum disease, also known as period...


Unnoticeable Braces? Invisalign San Diego, Cost & Benefits

You don’t know how easily straighten your smile can be until you know about Invisalign San Diego. Learn more about it and say “bye” ...


Is It OK to Eat After a Tooth Extraction?

When patients get a tooth extracted here with Dr. Kurt, a dentist in Clairemont, San Diego, one of the most common questions from them is “when ...


5 Ways Professional Whitening Can Help With Your Yellow Teeth

Yellow teeth can be number one on your list of insecurities.  And well, who in their life hasn’t worried about their teeth looking a little too...


Interesting Facts About the History of Dentistry

The history of dentistry has some interesting hidden facts that could blow your mind. After reading this, you’ll probably be thankful for being ...


Swollen Gums & Tooth Loss: How Periodontitis Ruins Oral Health

Do you skip your dental hygiene routine frequently? You might think, “It can’t really hurt too much.” It’s pretty easy to have...


Dental Health In The U.S: A Luxury Just a Few Can Afford

Do you think having proper dental health is a luxury?  If your answer was “no,” you are absolutely correct. Having a healthy smile is...


Teeth Falling Out Dream And What Its Mean

Maybe you had a dream with your teeth falling out. Has it not happened to you that you are sleeping and you start dreaming strange things? You are run...


Are You Still Doing DIY Teeth Whitening Remedies? You Might Regret It

According to research, Americans spend billions each year on treating cavities and teeth whitening. As always, everyone tries their best to save some ...


White Patches In Your Mouth: Leukoplakia Causes & Symptoms

If you smoke or consume alcohol regularly, you might want to stick around and learn more about leukoplakia and why you could be at risk of developing ...


Why Does My Jaw Pop When I Open My Mouth?

Your day was going fine until you grabbed a bite of your sandwich, and now you hear a crackling sound coming from your jaw. It might hurt or not, but ...


Hair As Dental Floss: A New Horrifying Trend

People are always trying new things that can make their lives easier. That’s why you often encounter new hacks for everything. We want everythin...